FACES & DOLLS --- by Marcia Leben ---

u r an AMAZING artist have u drawn demi lovato?

A question by bbsyauncle-naqvi

Thanks! No I haven’t, but I will add her as well to my list.

Thanks btw everyone for new ideas on who I should draw! I sometimes run out :)

Congrats for the radar! You really deserve it :)

A question by the-rockerninjacat

Thanks I’m really surprised it’s so amazing! Seriously I can’t tell you enough what a nice person you are, you’re very supportive!

i've just followed you this morning and i am amazed at how well you can draw. i look up to you now; i will practice more and more with my drawings! you are an inspiration.

A question by Anonymous

ahh thanks anon! 

You Are Amazing At Drawing, Did You Do A Drawing Of Beyonce

A question by ayooitsslyssa

Thank you! No I’ve never done a drawing of Beyonce but I will add her to my list.