FACES & DOLLS --- by Marcia Leben ---

u r an AMAZING artist have u drawn demi lovato?

A question by bbsyauncle-naqvi

Thanks! No I haven’t, but I will add her as well to my list.

Thanks btw everyone for new ideas on who I should draw! I sometimes run out :)

Congrats for the radar! You really deserve it :)

A question by the-rockerninjacat

Thanks I’m really surprised it’s so amazing! Seriously I can’t tell you enough what a nice person you are, you’re very supportive!

i've just followed you this morning and i am amazed at how well you can draw. i look up to you now; i will practice more and more with my drawings! you are an inspiration.

A question by Anonymous

ahh thanks anon! 

You Are Amazing At Drawing, Did You Do A Drawing Of Beyonce

A question by ayooitsslyssa

Thank you! No I’ve never done a drawing of Beyonce but I will add her to my list.

Holy mother of god you're drawling is amazing. Wouldn't mind if you did something of Megan Fox haha, if you even like her of course. xx ;)

A question by Anonymous

Thanks! I will add Megan Fox to my list of drawings still to make :)

Hi ! You are such a talented artist ! Your drawings are truly gorgeous ! I hope to see more of your work soon !

A question by valy-du-67

Thank you! I will work on that!